Wednesday, June 18, 2014

15 Things to do this summer

This work is a derivative of "Summer Sunset" by Matt Shalvatis used under CC BY

So the other day I was watching YouTube and got this idea from Alfie Deyes from Pointless Blog. I find summer never lasts long enough in Canada so I thought this would be a fun idea to try. I always find that by the end of summer you never end up doing as much as you originally wanted. 
So this is my list of 15 things I would like to do this summer. I challenge you guys to do the same  weather you keep a journal like Alfie suggested or film it, its up to you. I would like to film these adventures and share them with all of you guys. 

15 Things To Do This Summer 

1. Walk along the beach at night 
2. Stargazing 
3. Eat healthier / Make more different smoothies 
4. BBQ
5. Lay on the beach till the sun goes down 
6. Camp fire and make smores
7. Visit the Zoo 
8. Bake something new 
9. Camping
10. Try something new 
11. Take a hike 
12. Go to the Farmers Market 
13. Go to a Drive in theatre 
14.Take a drive and see where you end up 
15. Film this list and start a Youtube channel 

Hope you guys enjoyed. 
Let me know in the comments what you're hopping to do this summer!


Check out Alfie's Youtube channel !



  1. really good ideas! i really want to go to a drive in theatre too xx

    1. Thanks glad you liked it! Hope you have an adventure filled summer!