Friday, August 27, 2010

Fashion Forward

The summer is really my season. I love the sun, the heat and the beach. My dream wedding is to be married on the beach by the ocean. There is no better feeling than sand between your toes and the salty ocean air.

So the other day, I took a drive down to the beach. The only down fall of living in the city is that it is a little drive, but once you get there, it is well worth it.

Dress: American Eagle / Jacket: American Eagle / Shoes: Aldo / Purse: Aldo / Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fall Refresher

Now that school is just right around the corner, that means fall is as well. I myself was never particularly fond of the season, but this time I might just change my tune. I cannot wait to try all the fashions for the fall.

Two of the big main styles for this season would have to be fur and the 50's. I absolutely love fur and more designers are now working with faux fur. Karl Lagerfeild did full faux fur suits for his line (Joe Zee may be able to rock it, but I think I may have to pass on that.) Prada's 50's inspiration is full out with the big high waisted full skirts and dresses. It even seems that the bee hive is trying to make a comeback as well. I for one am so happy that the lady look is back in full force. No more low rider jeans, but high waisted pencil skirts, wide leg pants and men style clothes instead.

Not everyone can afford designer clothing such as Chanel or Prada, so for a budget friendly fashionista like myself, there are many stores you can shop at to achieve these looks. H&M is a great store for all the latest looks and styles. All the prices are amazingly affordable and can fit any wallet size. Also, vintage and thrift stores are a great place to find hidden gems. A lot of these stores will have pieces from the 50's that you can mix and match things with.

Some of the big must haves for this fall season would be trench coats, leather, and boots. A trench coat is great and it can be carried through season after season. Burberry has some amazing ones this year as well as Banana Republic and H&M. Leather jackets are awesome and can literally be paired with anything and everything. You can throw it over a blouse and pencil skirt to rough up the look or go for the classic vintage band tee and jeans.

As far as our feet Over The Knee boots are still very big this season along with clogs and kitten heels. Now I will be the first to say I am not a fan of the kitten heel. They tend to hurt the feet more than a higher heel would. Also, you want to watch where you buy your shoes. Never settle for less. We all may not be able to afford Manolo's but there are many other stores that sell well made shoes. Aldo is one of my favorites. It can have some awesome prices and all the big trends for the seasons. There is nothing worse than a poorly made shoe.

My favourite things about this season are all the amazing new fashions and all the big September issues.

What is your favorite part and what trends are you most excited for?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer & Fall Mix

Even though it is still August, fall is fast approaching. It's that awkward time of year when it is still warm but you could always use a sweater or have a jacket on hand. It's the time for layers and mixing the summer with the fall. I was never a big fan of winter so I usually never pack up my summer clothes and always try to mix them in when it's the fall and winter time. I do have to admit however, the fall and winter styles that will be coming up are actually making me look forward to it. Although its not winter yet, I created three different looks that can take you into the light fall breeze and still look fabulous.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rachel Zoe

I literally die for Rachel Zoe and with season three of her hit show fully underway, I can not contain my love. Her clients are always on the top of the best dressed lists looking glamourous and chic.
Zoe first started work at Gotham and then moved onto YM magazine. After YM closed their doors, Rachel branched out on her own with one mission in mind, to make the world a little bit more glamourous and she did just that.

Her star studded client list includes such names as Debra Messing, Demi Moore, and Anne Hathaway. Although she has many star clients, she still has been in the spot light defending rumours of eating disorders and drug use.

Along side styling her clients for red carpets and just everyday life, she also has her QVC collection, the daily Zoe Report, is a consultant for, and a guest blogger on Fab Sugar. I still don't know where she finds the time for it all. Lucky for her, she has a wonderful team behind her including her husband and business partner Rodger Berman, and the always chic and Canadian Brad Goreski (I always love a fashionable Canadian.)

In 2007, she released her first ever style book called Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, and Everything Glamour. The book is full of great advice and tips and is a definite must for any fashionista's book shelf.

The last and most important reason why I absolutely adore Rachel Zoe is that she doesn't take fashion too seriously. She is one of the people I look up to most and wish I could reach her potential someday. From watching her Bravo show, I've learned there is so much to gain from it. It would have to be one of my dream jobs that I would give anything for to work beside her and her team.