Friday, February 28, 2014

Creative Work = Creative Space

Since starting the blog back up I have been spending more time in my home office, which makes me really want to redecorate! 
I love beautiful things and a beautiful work space goes hand in hand with beautiful work. 
So as I start to prep for a redesign on my space I go to Pinterest for some inspiration.
Below are a few looks that I hope to achieve in my own home office.
I love the cleanness and minimalist of these looks.

What do you look for in a work space?

Source: Pinterest 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

LFW Part Two

Today we finish our look back at London fashion week. We will be looking at Burberry, Peter Pilotto, and Tom Ford. 


With just being promoted to CEO it seems that Chris Bailey is on his game. This collection was based on the girls in the Bloombury Group. 
 It was very boho with great airy fabrics, florals and those great hand painted trench coats. 
Burberry recently partnered with the trust that works to preserve the Charleston the estate that functioned as the Bloombury Groups home.
It really showed through this collection that Bailey is very involved with protected this part of history.

Peter Pilotto 

With the Target collaboration not doing so well, the runway show was pretty good. Personally it wasn't
 great but it wasn't bad either, it was just what it was a Pilotto show. He had some great prints and nice minimal dress. I feel as if they need to step back and re look at the design and have some fun with the clothes. 
It felt as if they were going through the motions, almost as if it was force. 
With that being said the show was good with some great pieces.

Tom Ford 

Fur, Velvet, Sequins, Turtle Necks, Prints, Cowboy Boots and Tom Ford. 
This collection was everything (literally) a girl could want with a studio 54 swing on it. Fords collection this year was very 60's inspired and with that came the fun. 
Lets just say I need the sequin jersey and to now listen to Jay Z.  

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

LFW Part One

London is calling! I absolutely love London fashion week, and London as a whole. Love the great television shows, the royal family, the food, and who can pass up a good british accent. Some of my favourite YouTubers and bloggers are british. Aside of that the fashion was great on and off the runway. 
This week I will be reviewing some of my favourite shows of the London. 

Temperley London 

This collection was described as "Funky" and that is what it was. Great floral prints, oversized scarfs and sweaters in some great fabrications.  Some of the designs also had a Downton Abby feel as well with lace and light and airy fabrics.  

Matthew Williamson

With the show about to fill up with the A list front row so was the venue across the street on a red carpet. Limos were pulling up unveiling the top movie actors including Brad and Angelina, Leonardo and how can I leave out Prince William. 
Due to some scheduling conflict Matthew Williamson had to have his show with the BAFTA awards on the same day. However this did not stop the fashion world filling up the show to see the new collection.
Williamson has been slowly moving away from the boho vibe and going into the working women. At the end of the collection it came together with a little bit of both boho and working girl. There was one piece that had everyones attention, the ostrich feather dress. Williamson mentioned that those pieces were "The most expensive dresses I ever produced."


What was your favourite part of these shows? And what did you think of the BAFTA Awards this year?

Part Two 
Burberry Prorsum
Peter Pilotto 
Tom Ford 


Friday, February 21, 2014

NYFW F/W 2014 Part Three

We come to the end of the New York Fashion Week, lots great shows, beautiful clothes and some drama. All in all it was a successful week for New York's finest! Today we will take a look at four more designers who had great shows. 

Rag & Bone 

It was described as "A mix of a lot of things", but as the show went on you started to understand what they meant. It described the working men, as you see the monogrammed jumpsuit that almost resembled working uniforms. There were great knits for the fall, and how can I skip over the hand paint splatter pants and skirts. Lets just say that they are on my wish list for the coming season. As well I loved the personalized jackets and jumpsuits so chic, to chic! 


Michael Kors 

The newly named billionaire Mr. Michael Kors did not slow down with this collection. 
It reminded me of Meryl Streep or even Stevie Nicks in the late 70's. Very bohemian vibe with these looks. Flowy silhouettes with brown suede fringe and great fur piece to match.


Victoria Beckham 

With the news of Victoria opening her first store in London on Dover Street she is still very passionate about this collection. As well as having her collaboration with Skype that was released the same she has a lot going for her. 
This season she wasn't completely sent on menswear inspired looks but added more feminine touches. However the silhouettes were still elongated and looser fitting, with still great tailoring which is becoming a staple through out all of her collections. 



Let me just start by say the end of the show was any geek chic person's dream. Personal confession here guys, I'm kinda geeky when it comes to sci-fi related things (Doctor Who, Star Wars, anything about space.) So lets just say that R2 D2 and C-3PO dress may be on my wish list. 
Aside from that the rest of the show was amazing as well, we saw lots of great gowns and colours and sparkle! 
Lets just take a moment and day glitter coat anyone?? I mean am I right, or am I right? These two know what they are doing when it comes to creating collections!

So that wraps up New York fashion week. 
Next week we will be taking a look at what was happening London. These are no longer just  fashion weeks but rather fashion months. 

What was your favourite moments in New York? 


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Links á la Mode: February 20th

Hey Guys,

So just a quick little post to bring your attention to something I discovered tonight! 
Before heading bed tonight I thought I would check my emails, a lone and behold I found this.  I could not be happier to be able to contribute and be on this list with so many other great fashion bloggers!
So take some time and check out the links below! 



With New York and London Fashion Weeks all over, and as we head into Milan and Paris, excitement for the fall is all a buzz on the internet. Of course it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the fashion fabulousness, so that's why we're here to help! This week we have some excellent recaps of NYFW and even a NYFW vs. LFW street style walk-off! It's pretty hard to choose between the two, both being sooo good. If you're already burnt out from the fashion week talk, we do have some excellent style posts too, so check them out!

Links à la Mode: February 20th

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

NYFW F/W 2014 Part Two

Monday we started our look back at 2014 fall and winter New York fashion week. Today is part two of our look back and four great shows! 

Christian Siriano 

Christian Siriano is one designer that I have loved right from the beginning, when he was just starting out on Project Runway. I have always loved his designs, the quality and passion that goes into each piece. This collection is no exception to this rule! 
Siriano's inspiration this year was taken from photo's of Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn (taken by both husbands, Fernand Fonssagrives and Irving Penn.)  Silhouettes were very couture inspired and had a few pieces that reminded me of My Fair Lady. Great royal colours and may I say 50 shades of grey anyone? 

Derek Lam 

This collection had an overall feeling of rich fabrications yet clean lines. Lam's inspiration behind this collection was a mix of Buddhism, Tibetan prayer flags, and Central Asia. His idea was the idea of clawing yet harmonious energy. This was a great collection that just by watching it you could see the quality of each item that came out. Great colour contrast and lovely fall colours. 

Kate Spade

Aside from having the collection styled by one of my favourite stylist Brad Goreski, this collection was great. The one thing you can always expect from Kate Spade is fun, and was loads of fun. Her inspiration were separated in to two section of the presentation which almost made it feel like two separate collections. The first you go to Tokyo with bold colour block and mod bright colours. Shanghai was all about neutrals with black and beige. Just so much fun when at times fashion week can be taken very seriously.


Marc Jacobs 

I could never say anything bad about Marc Jacobs and this collection is no exception! When asked about this season he responded " What do you do after you've trimmed everything with every bead, sequin, bow and black tassel? You come up with something that came from a very powerful place, but in a fresh and soft way rather than an aggressive way." So basically in a nut shell its awesome and thats all you need to know. When the show started you got this unique experience with having spoke word by Jessica Lang reading Happy Days are here again. Once again Marc Jacobs blew another one out of the park with this collection.

Monday, February 17, 2014

NYFW F/W 2014 Part One

New York fashion week wrapped up last week, and despite the polar vortex with the cold and snowy weather that did not stop anyone. 
Which it did, and with one of the main linking factors of all the runway shows being outerwear, the designers were feeling the practicality of the coats. 
This season there was some great looks and of course some drama (NYFW Streaker, Kendall Jenner, these are post all in themselves.)  
With it being a great season in New York it was hard for me to narrow down to a few favourites. That being said instead of coming at you balls to the wall, all week will be a review (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) 
So without any further a due...
NYFW Fall/Winter 2014 

3.1 Phillip Lim 

This was a show that felt more about all four season as opposed to just the two. Watching the show felt like watching the seasons change before your eyes. We start with romantic fabrications in light and airy pastel colours. Colours that you would only really see in the spring, and thats why I loved all of them. 
It was a nice change to see such great colours for the winter. I personally get stuck in a style rut every winter were I tend to gravitate to basic black. 
As the show went on, we went from nice light airy colours to transitioning into darker colours. Fabrications also started to get heaver as we went in chunky knits and shearling jackets and vest.  
The muse for this collection was Soleil.

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang was being speculated on when he decided to have his show in Brooklyn this year. With it being the middle of winter and in New York, the last thing that people wanted was to travel even farther then they had to. Once the room started filling up, the majority of people were thinking this better be good. Also when it ran behind the start time people really started to question. However our lovely Mr. Wang blew everyone away. His thoughts on the collection was very fitting when New York is in the middle of the polar vortex right now. "Extreme conditions and survival" as Wang put it also referenced it to hunting, mountain climbing, and other outdoor sports. I know personally I would never think of going hunting or mountain climbing without my Alexander Wang laser cut out pasley high heeled boots! 
All in all the intent behind this collection was mostly urban. 

Badgley Mischka 

Could these two do anything wrong? This show was amazing with each and every piece that came down the runway. It had great 50's style silhouettes which is always a favourite of mine. I find this kind of silhouette can be worn by many body type and is always classic. 
Turn of the century Vienna artist Gustav Klimt and architect Josef Hoffman was the inspiration behind this glamours collection.
Badgely explained the thoughts being this season before the show started by saying "We were interested in the arts, but not the fashions, of that time, so we thought of Dior and Balenciaga from the mid century instead." 

BCBG Max Azria 

This year marks the 25th year of BCBG, and they are pull out all the stops this year. Showcasing some of there staples of this fashion house, such as the graphic bold colour blocking, asymmetrical hemlines we grew to love, and mixed materials. We also can't forget all the fur! This was Lubov's time to shine when it came to fur. She waited for just the right time to bring fur back and this was it. My personal favourite of the furs would have to be the little fur muff which doubles as a clutch! MIND BLOW when I saw this and can't wait to get my hands on it. 
All in all the collection was almost like a time capsule of the brand and bringing back the classic with a twist for 2014. 

Whats your thoughts on these collections? 

....To be continued

Christian Siriano 
Derek Lam 
Kate Spade
Marc Jacobs 

 Rag & Bone 
Michael Kors
Victoria Beckham