Monday, May 3, 2010

What a wonderful life

So its the month of May, most of the flowers are coming up the grass is turning green. I really love spring it feels like a fresh start. I'm now back home from Saskatoon it was a busy time while I was up there and when I came back. So it has been difficult to get the time to update with catching up at work, having a cold for a week, and now apartment hunting I have next to no social life. But once everything falls back into place which it is slowly I'll be back! Aside from all of that the month of May for me is this month of what seems like celebration. It seems every week there is at least two peoples birthday along side with mother days. My favorite holiday in my standards is birthdays, Its that one day in the whole year that is yours and you get to celebrate any way you want. Its a time to celebrate life and also a very good excuse to eat as much cake as you want!

Two top photos thanks to Exposure Photograph !!

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