Thursday, May 6, 2010

Starlight - Victoria Beckham

It has been revealed that the former "Posh Spice" is the most glamorous women in the world! Max Factor recently polled 3,000 women who they would pick as the most glamorous and topping the charts was none other then Victoria Beckham. I would have to agree, she always looks great in whatever she wears. She is a true style icon from her hair to her shoes. Once being in the Spice Girls and then turned fashion designer, she has definitely made a name for herself. One could only wish to master her grace, elegance, and style. Although aside from her amazing style and taste for clothes, the most glamorous part about Beckham would have to be her confidence. The biggest part in style is having confidence in who you are and she has the perfect balance of confidence. After reading and watching interviews she has done, I've also learned that Victoria is really down to earth. She drive her kids to school and even helps them with their homework. She does wash the dishes and clean as well. So now I guess it's up to the rest of you, do you think Victoria Beckham is the most glamorous?

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