Monday, May 5, 2014

Musical Mondays

It always seems that when life couldn't get any better the universe will agree with that statement. Your world can go from perfect harmony then all of a sudden stop. Throwing everything in complete chaos and a state of confusion. All of a sudden you can't tell whats up from down, but you just keep holding on for dear life know and praying that this is just a moment in time. That this too shall pass, as long as you keep yourself buckled in and hanging on you will get through this. As the saying goes, it always get worse before it gets better. Or lets just throw all the cheesy lines right at you. Its always darkest before the dawn. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Everything has a meaning or purpose for your life you just can't see it yet. 
Well whatever saying can get you to hold on a little more its worth believing. As for myself I have my armour on and I'm just going to try to run through this phase as fast as possible. 
Enough of my mindless ranting, aside from cheesy quotes what really helps me get through anything the good and the bad is music. 
I will leave you all with the cover of Rihanna's song stay done by Jared Leto.  

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