Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Paris Fashion Week Part Two

Today we look at a few of the most anticipated show of all fashion month. We see what Nicolas Ghesquiére has in store for Louis Vuitton, Karl Lagerfeld's collection for the everyday women, and what I feel as the most artist show of the month Alexander McQueen. 


I feel like Karl was thinking of me when designing this runway. Whenever shopping and people ask the age old question of "where are you going to wear it?" my answer is always "the grocery store, where else?" Unless it is a evening look I like to have my wardrobe to be ready to go for coffee with friends and after be able to run errands. 
This set was so detailed that there was even a hardware department with an Chanel chainsaw that did in fact have a Chanel chain! 
Produce, hardware, candy, garbage bags and even door mats that say "Mademoiselle Privé." 
I feel this set had more selection then my own local grocery store. 
The collection was great as well with lots of different looks from ratty gym wear to ball gowns.
Overall this was a fantastic show!     


Alexander McQueen

Lee McQueen often felt that he was obliged to offer something spectacular to re-energize the crowd from the long fashion weeks. He knew by the time London and Paris came around the fashion crowd started to feel bogged down by all the shows. Thats how his show's became so theatrical, and this was passed on through Sarah Burton. 

The runway was landscaped with ten thousands heather plants that were illuminated by the moon light, which almost gave it a moody feel to the show. That was later translated in this collection with the dark black and heavy furs. 
Wild beauty was Sarah's inspiration for this collection and it worked.


Louis Vuitton 

This was probably one of the most anticipated show of all the fashion weeks combined. This show was the next chapter for Louis Vuitton after Marc Jacobs fourteen year run with the company came to an end last season. 

Nicolas Gheaquiére is the new man in charge, however he is far from new in the fashion world and in fact missed after his departure from Balenciaga a year and a half ago. 
Lots of big names came to see what he had to offer the brand including the lovely John Paul Gaultier front row and centre. 
When you came in and sat down there was a lovely typed note on each seat that said "Today is a new day. A big day... Words cannot express exactly how I am feeling at this moment... Above all, immense joy." 
This joy came through in the collection that almost had a 60's vibe about it with a 21st century twist. 
The best part of this collection is that he seek advice from the women in the studio as to what they felt they wanted and needed from the brand. 
"I listened to the girls in the studio a lot, the women around me, what they want, what they need."
As women we always love a man that listens, and this is just the start. I can see this being a great partnership!  

Now that fashion month is done, what else would you like to see on here?
Fashion tips and tricks, more home decor, philosophical rambles? 
Let me know in the comments! 


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