Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Five Year Plan

There is one question that people tend to ask so they can get a sense of who you are. Mostly these people are employers who want to see how ambitious you are, but no matter how many times I get asked or I ask myself I still don't like the question. 
Where do you see yourself in five years? 
Five years is a long time, and don't get me wrong I'm a very ambitious person and hard working. I love my job and hope to say I will be with the same company for five years.  So far I have been working in my current location for a little over three years now and still love every minuet. 
However if you asked me five years if this is where I saw myself I would have said no.  Back then I was working in and office job that I hated, living with my boyfriend and his family who I love but I am also very independent and an only child.  Living in a house with more then myself and one other person was tough to get use to. 
Now I am in a job that I love which at times can still be tough but the people I work with everyday make it amazing. I have a apartment with my no longer boyfriend but fiancee now and our little cat family Sophie and Wayne. As well I'm bring this site back which I am beyond excited about and will be spending lots of time making it everything I wanted back then and what I hope it will be now. 
Looking back a lot can change, its hard to really answer where you will be in five years because things happen and your life changes. 
I tend to look at celebrities and wonder if they themselves had a five year plan.
Victoria Beckham is working with Skype to go behind the scenes of her fashion line. I absolutely love Victoria Beckham partly because I am a 90's kid and grew up with girl power, platforms and zing zing zaa or aka the Spice Girls.  But I wonder, back when she was just starting out as Posh Spice living in the house with the other girls if see even dreamed of where she was going to end up. 
I am so excited for this collaboration with Skype to come. Also to be able to see how its all going to come together. Is it a documentary movie? It is interactive? 
I can't wait to see you explain her thoughts on the fashion world and how and where she sees her fashion line going.  
What are your thoughts on Victoria Beckham's fashion lines? Are you excited for this? Five years ago did you plan on being where you are now?

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