Monday, August 29, 2011

MTV Video Music Awards

So last night was a rather windy night as Irene made her presences know in Nova Scotia, and along with hopping the power didn't go out it was also the MTV Video Music Awards. It was some show Lady Gaga came as ... well she didn't really rather it was Mister Gaga and the thinner Johan Hill gets he becomes even more awkward. All together it was entertaining to watch even if there was no host and the longer Gaga was on stage the more annoyed it got with her or his act.
But it's really not all about the music, it's also who wore what and who wore it best. It is the VMA's of course not everyone is dressed to the nines, or at least tried and missed the mark completely.

Best Dressed

Worst Dressed

Align Center
Now I have no idea what either Miley or Nicki were thinking but they have missed the mark in my books.

For the list of the winners click the link

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