Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Calling all crazy designers!

Who is the next fashion designer to change fashion as we know it?
Every so often a fashion designer emerges and changes everything we know. These designers don't just make beautiful clothes but are true artist. Be it Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, or even Hussein Chalayan, these designers came and blew everything out of the water. Their collections are more than pieces of cloth sewn together, they are pieces of art because whether it's the colour and mix of fabrics, they can actually transform and morph those into something else.

We all love something new, at least I do and that is why I fell in love with fashion so much. It's always changing and always evolving. These are the designers that push the boundaries and limits, always think a step ahead of everyone else.

The thing is we have seen these collections season after season and as much as we love them, who will be next? Who is going to be the next big thing to come and push the limits even further? Who will be thinking 10 steps ahead of Marc Jacobs? What will the next armadillo shoes or coffee table skirt be?

I think that is what makes fashion fun. You can not just be "normal" or "average" or even completely and utterly sane. There is just no such thing in fashion. If you think you are sane and normal and work in the fashion industry, sorry but you won't be around for long. Just wanting to be in fashion you have to be a little crazy. Whether your a perfectionist or just a born leader that doesn't know the word no or can't, it is a dog eat dog world in fashion and you have to prepare for battle.
So who is ready to step up to the plate and be the next crazy and close to insane fashion designer? Who are you and what is your name? Lets hope you make it and stick around for awhile. I know I'm excited to meet you and see what you got!


  1. This is exactly the reason why I abandoned my idea of studying fashion design: I'm too "average"; I'm just looking to be dressed comfortably and pretty, without too much crazy to it... if the world should happen to need simple but colorful refashioned vintage items, though, then count me in!


  2. Poet,
    First thanks for the comment, and second you should never abandoned a dream or idea. One persons idea of "average" or "normal" could be completely different to the next. A classic white polo and jeans to most people would be normal but add in a leather vest, a armful of bracelets and gladiator heels and its your own! Fashion is all about making it your own and owning your look. Its all about making an idea a realty and putting your own personal spin on it. Fashion is for everybody and it can be comfy. what ever your comfortable in you will be more likely to pull off own it! I say if you love it you should do it!

    -Hazel Eye Personality xox

  3. That is a great post, so so true. The 'new thing' always has to be outside the box otherwise its just not new really is it. And it is true that this is also why I love fashion, there is always something new and inventive, at least on the catwalk, not so much in the stores as I feel the last 2 years have seen the same items over and over.
    @poet, you shouldn't have given up your dream, the world needs the average aswel, its the stuff that sells at the end of the day, and people will always buy an average piece and style it up in their own way as Hazel said.
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  4. I really liked this post. You're obviously very passionate about fashion and that's hard to find in my town (even with two fashion schools). I love it!

    p.s. My puppy is named Marc Jacobs :)

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  6. I dont have an answer but I am very excited about finding out!