Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stylist In Training

As some may know I am not new at blogging, but style blogging I am new at. Aside from writing my first and for most passion would be for clothes, shoes and anything related to fashion. As most of my friends know when it come to clothes I tend to not think of practical but more for how an outfit looks on someone. I am one of the crazy people who will and do wear 6 inch stilettos in the middle of a snow storm. My thought on it, as long as it all looks good. I tend to buy with not the intent of "Can I walk in those shoes?" but more of "Just one foot in front of another and pray to God I don't fall." So I will admit for this first blog I am a shopaholic. There are many places I go for inspiration and one would be from fashion blogs. So from one shopaholic to the next I hope I
can inspire some of you as well.
So I recently found a site that I will soon be addicted to. Polyvore is site for all of us fashion
junkies, it lets you browse through some of the hottest trends and designers and lets you put
together you own looks. So here is just a few styles to put together.

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