Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentines Outfits for every kind Date

As Valentines day is just around the coroner I thought to post a few cute outfit ideas for what you may be planning. Weather it is going to a really nice dinner date or just staying home curled up watching Netflix with the besties (which is what I plan on doing!)

Posh Dinner Date 

So your loved one made reservations to the newest restaurant in the city. This look comes off sophisticated with a little sexy edge.

Posh Dinner

Glam Night Out 

Your loved one surprised you with a night out on the town to your favourite club/bar. 

glam night out

Movie Date 

This is your first Valentines and both decided to go catch a movie, the catch is YOU get to choose the movie no questions asked.

Movie Date

Black shirt, 160 CAD / Black jeans, 61 CAD / Charlotte Russe ankle boots, 57 CAD / River Island black purse, 86 CAD / Necklace, 31 CAD / Tarte lipstick, 20 CAD

Netflix Movie Marton Night

Weather the two of decided to stay in or its a girls night with the bestie's, this is all about comfort. Time to curl up and watch your favourite movie (90's romance anyone? Say Anything, Pretty in Pink)

At home movie marathon

Chicnova Fashion long sleeve pullover, 27 CAD / Boohoo knit legging, 9.96 CAD / Accessorize cream shoes, 15 CAD / Skinnydip tech accessory, 34 CAD / Tom Ford square eyeglass, 525 CAD / Pom Pom at Home bed accessory, 175 CAD

What are your plans for the day?
Leave comments with what look you like and what you will be doing!

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You Will Be Mine

Whether you love Valentine's Day or HATE it... my experience is that having someone to call a "Valentine" doesn't really make that much a difference on the love of the holiday itself. Anyway, whether you love or hate Valentine's day, you can't avoid it, even if you tried. So if you can't beat them, look fabulous and join them. This week has an excellent roundup of style guides and beauty tips! You'll look so good, I'll do anything to have you.

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